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Land for lease on Bukit
Plot of land for sale in Canggu
$ 900 000
$ 1.718.310
Bali, Ungasan
Bali, Canggu Tanah lot
• An area of 60 hectares
• 300 meters from the best beach in Bali,
• Ocean and sunset views from the first floor,
• The neighboring plots are sold at 30% more expensive
Great apartment complex with its own infrastructure
• Located just 100 yards from the beach, provides open ocean views
• 33 acres at budget price
Suitable for a private residence or small villa complex
Land for lease on Bukit
Land for rent in Ubud
от $ 817.923
$ 75.000
Bali, Ungasan
Bali, Ubud
• Overlooking the ocean
• 35 acres
• Road width of 5 meters
Great offer as for a villa complex
• 7.5 acres
• River and jungle views
Ideal for a villa duplex or small retreat center
Plot of land for sale in Canggu
$ 542 558
Bali, Cemagi
• With 9.56 hectares of land.
• Surrounded by villas and apartments
• View to the rice fields and the ocean
• Gated community
• Quiet area, you can hear the sound of the surf
Ideal for Villas
Land for rent in Seminyak
Land for lease on the island of Nusa Penida
$ 242 320
$ 208 656
Bali, Seminyak
Nusa Penida
• Square of 6 acres
• Flat plot
• Can be rented for 30 years
• 10 minutes to the beach
• 15 minutes to beach walk, supermarkets
• Restaurants in walking distance.
• View to the ocean and rice fields
• 50 acres / 25 acres minimum
• To the beach 9 minutes by bike
• Coco Resort Hotel nearby
• Quiet and peaceful location
Ideal for a resort with its own infrastructure
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We have the largest database of land plots in Bali sourced directly from owners
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in Bali resell our plots with their own markup
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It is legal to buy a plot of land up to 50%
The team has internal lawyers with 30 years of experience in Bali who can handle any kind of сase
All our managers live in Bali, so they know the island
nice, soulful guys :)
Meet our team
Olga Gorkhiyan.
Businesswoman since 1999. Investor since 2008. Managed a team of 600 people and a turnover of 20 billion rubles.
Guru of controlling fear and greed.

Likes strategising as well, as well as high gastronomy and wine. Does not tolerate guile and manipulation.
Alex Barung.
Legal Field.
Lawyer. 30 years of experience in Indonesia. Solves any issues in real estate and more.

Loves surfing and craft burgers.
Alena Zevakina.
Real Estate Expert.
Has a file on all Balinese real estate developers. Master of customer care.
Saves the animals of Bali.

Rescues animals in Bali. The most stylish on the team.
Wayan Pande.
Real Estate Expert.
He knows all the landlords of Bali and is friends with the head Banjar of Bukita. He is very kind and helpful.

Likes chanting mantras with the boss and beer with the seafood.
Alexandra Gorkhiyan.
Marketing and Sales.
An angel of marketing and sales. ROI in the last project was over 300%. Sales conversion record over 80%.

Book shopaholic, master of positivity in everything. Chess player of the 1st category.
Vitaly Rokotiansky.
Real Estate Expert.
Black belt in empathy and land plots in Bali.
Communicative, competent, adaptive, kind and responsive.

Bali Extreme Bike Driving Champion. Appreciates time and life for himself and others.
Olga Grinko.
Chief Accountant for over 25 years. Master of numbers, financial models and reporting.

Loves foo-boos and playing console games.
From calling
to profit
Call/meeting to  get to know your investment needs
Analysis of the viewed plots, selecting the best: availability of roads, infrastructure, ocean views, electrification, level boundaries, the desired purpose of the land, etc.
Selection of sites according to your specifications
Showing your favorite sites online/offline
Meeting with the landlord, defining a payment plan and other essential terms of the contract
Submiting a notarial transaction, signing the contract by both parties, making a payment or down payment
Paying a deposit (refundable in case of a negative check)
Notarial examination of land, sining up an agreement on the transfer of land ownership/long-term lease
We’ll pay for your both ways tickets to Bali
When you decide to buy a property in Bali, we organize you an investment tour:
Global Investment Property Cases.
We’ll help you to buy tickets with minimal transfers and reimbursement
Answers to all questions about Bali
We organize the visiting of real estate locations
You will not need to think up a route and think where to get to, we ourselves will take you to all sites.
More than 400 investors have already contacted us
developer, realtor
atmosphere, Bukit, bali
Expected ROI of the developer
from 50%
I had a request to find a viewable plot to build villas with a lot of criteria. Olga immediately understood my request to find a site at a cost lower than the market. Initially the cost was 9 million rupees per year for 1 hectare, but thanks to Olga’s team we managed to reduce the cost to 8.2 million per year.

Neighboring plots with the same parameters in this location are selling for 30−40% more.

I thank Olga and her team for their excellent cooperation and professionalism. I will work with you in the future.
Land area
60 acres
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Mikhail Degtyarev
Entrepreneur, investor
My goal was to find objects in a promising location. I wanted to work with reliable professionals, I spent a long time comparing companies and famous bloggers, but in the end I chose GIP and it was the right choice.

I ended up investing in two units in a premium complex. At the time of purchase, GIP’s price was $ 100,000 less than the builder’s.
I appreciate sincerity that after I personally talked to Olga she honestly told me about all the pros and cons of each developer and then I realized that this is the company I was ready to entrust with the management of my investments.

GIP helped me not only to buy but also to decompose my financial goals correctly oriented by the time of exiting from both objects and the approximate profitability.
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Victor Faizulin
footballer, entrepreneur, investor
I chose already-made property from a top constractor for $ 407,000. It was a two-bedroom villa in the center of Changgu, which had already been under management for 2 months and brought income.

With the help of Olga and her team we were able to reduce the cost to $ 350 thousand.
Since March, I have already started to receive a completely passive income from the rental of this property.

I am very pleased with the purchase and our cooperation, I did not expect to meet in Bali such high quality professionals in their business. I can sincerely recommend it to everyone.
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Irina Demchenko
Entrepreneur, investor
The Global Investment property team found me the most favorable offers. And my decision was to invest in two properties and already in November 2022 I bought apartments with a price of $ 170,000 each.

Half a year later, the property I bought increased in value.
Which was a 46% ROI in six months. The current price is now $ 250,000.

I am grateful to the Global Investment property team for their work. All phases of the work were done at the highest level, the selection of objects was strictly for my investment goals. I truly recommend the team GIP.
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Why can Global Investment Property be trusted?
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We are ready to take on a commercial project (villa or villa complex, hotel) in Bali on a turnkey basis:
Discussion of the idea, goals, and concept of the project
Architectural and engineering projects, obtaining the necessary permits from state agencies for construction
Pre-development: geomarketing and architectural studies to determine the feasibility and financial model of the project.
Finding, Checking and Buying Land
Tender between construction teams to select a general contractor
Control of estimates, quality and stages of construction by a team of English-speaking technical supervision
Packaging, marketing sales and transfer of the project to the management company
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