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Global Investment Property is international team of professional brokers. We manage investments in Bali real estate. Our company is already trusted by 500+ investors.
In the development of Bali’s infrastructures
per year increases
rental cost
year, Indonesia is improving
conditions for investors
We have been researching Bali since 2006 and know all the legal and economic details.

For 15−20 minutes call we will tell you how to neutralize the risks of capital loss and where it is more profitable to invest now: from 12 to 50% per annually, depending on your strategy.
Apartments in Canggu
from $150.000
(47 м²)
Bali, Canggu
The yield of the object 20.66%. Business class apartments in the center of Changu 300 meters from the best surfspot. The last unit left.
Villa Complex on Bukit
from $180.000
(70, 120, 175м²)
Bali, Bukit
Villa with a yield of 15.2% to 21%. Low point of entry. Close to the best beaches.
Apartments in Canggu
Bali, Canggu
Yield of the object 20.4%. 10 minutes to the ocean, Swiss insurance for 1 year free of charge, "Smart Home" control system,
Villa in Canggu
$ 240.000
Bali, Canggu
Tennis playground nearby and top restaurants, moreover a closed living room, which protects against insects.
Luxury apartment
$ 450.000
(101 и 204м²)
Bali, Sanur
The project with a yield of 18.1%. The complex on the beach line in the most promising location of Bali.
Villa complex
on Bukit
for $195.000
(75, 100, 125 м²)
Bali, Melasti
Large complex of villas with its own infrastructure. Near the best hotels: Hilton, Kempinski, RitCarlton.
The yield of the object of 20%.
40.000 $ off the builder’s price
Villa complex in the heart of Changu for couples, 18+
for $250.000
(70, 110м²)
ROI 18%. Popular tourist location.
Ideal for renting. Quality finishes.
We have the largest database of objects
Bali real estate database is getting updated daily. Get a personalized catalog of properties for your financial model.
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Reasons for buying
real estate from
us Rather than from a developer
Investing in real estate with a real estate Developer
Investing in real estate with Global Investment Property
The builder will focus only on its strong sides, which means that he can hide important nuances, so you run the risk of losing capital
The builder will give you basic payment terms
The builder will only give you his financial model and will not tell you the truth about the quality of construction
We reduce the risks of losing the body of capital, cause we will honestly tell you about all the pitfalls of the market and builders
We can help you negotiate the structure of the deal, favorable terms for the installment plan, help you get a discount, and besides, we do not charge additional fees for our services
We will make an analysis of the profitability and quality of construction of all objects of your interest
A small selection of properties
You will have to spend time to find a lawyer, management company notary and conduct notarial inspections
The developer can not satisfy the wishes of investors wanting to move to another facility
The largest selection of properties on the entire island thanks to the fact that we work with all proven builders
We have a team of local lawyers and notaries with more than 30 years of experience in Indonesia to help with registration, legal and notarial checks of any complexity, etc.
We will help you to get profit and help you with moving to another facility, we are interested in long-term cooperation with you
From calling
to profit
Call our specialist
Selection of objects for investment objective
Selection of the 3 most interesting objects: analyze profitability, check the quality of construction
Approval of the installment plan if necessary, call with a builder acording to all matters of contract and payment
Reservation of the object, notarial verification of the developer’s documents
Signing the contract and making a down payment of 25−30% online or offline
Once your investment goal is complete, we will resell your project and help you reinvest in the next one and scale your investment capital
Global Investment Property Cases.
We’ll pay for your both ways tickets to Bali
When you decide to buy a property in Bali, we organize you an investment tour:
We’ll help you to buy tickets with minimal transfers and reimbursement
Answers to all questions about Bali
We organize the visiting of real estate locations
You will not need to think up a route and think where to get to, we ourselves will take you to all sites.
More than 400 investors have already contacted us
Victor Faizulin
footballer, entrepreneur, investor
I chose already-made property from a top constractor for $ 407,000. It was a two-bedroom villa in the center of Changgu, which had already been under management for 2 months and brought income.

With the help of Olga and her team we were able to reduce the cost to $ 350 thousand.
Since March, I have already started to receive a completely passive income from the rental of this property.

I am very pleased with the purchase and our cooperation, I did not expect to meet in Bali such high quality professionals in their business. I can sincerely recommend it to everyone.
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Irina Demchenko
Entrepreneur, investor
The Global Investment property team found me the most favorable offers. And my decision was to invest in two properties and already in November 2022 I bought apartments with a price of $ 170,000 each.

Half a year later, the property I bought increased in value.
Which was a 46% ROI in six months. The current price is now $250,000.

I am grateful to the Global Investment property team for their work. All phases of the work were done at the highest level, the selection of objects was strictly for my investment goals. I truly recommend the team GIP.
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Mikhail Degtyarev
Entrepreneur, investor
My goal was to find objects in a promising location. I wanted to work with reliable professionals, I spent a long time comparing companies and famous bloggers, but in the end I chose GIP and it was the right choice.

I ended up investing in two units in a premium complex. At the time of purchase, GIP’s price was $ 100,000 less than the builder’s.
I appreciate sincerity that after I personally talked to Olga she honestly told me about all the pros and cons of each developer and then I realized that this is the company I was ready to entrust with the management of my investments.

GIP helped me not only to buy but also to decompose my financial goals correctly oriented by the time of exiting from both objects and the approximate profitability.
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About the company
We know how to legally minimize taxes when buying
You don’t pay us a commission
on the purchase of the property
We have been exploring Bali since 2006, So we know how to minimize
risks and increase profits
The team: practicing investors since 2008, real estate experts, analysts, lawyers with 30 years of experience in Bali
Meet our team
Olga Gorkhiyan.
Businesswoman since 1999. Investor since 2008. Managed a team of 600 people and a turnover of 20 billion rubles.
Guru of controlling fear and greed.

Likes strategising as well, as well as high gastronomy and wine. Does not tolerate guile and manipulation.
Alex Barung.
Legal Field.
Lawyer. 30 years of experience in Indonesia. Solves any issues in real estate and more.

Loves surfing and craft burgers.
Alena Zevakina.
Real Estate Expert.
Has a file on all Balinese real estate developers. Master of customer care.
Saves the animals of Bali.

Rescues animals in Bali. The most stylish on the team.
Wayan Pande.
Real Estate Expert.
He knows all the landlords of Bali and is friends with the head Banjar of Bukita. He is very kind and helpful.

Likes chanting mantras with the boss and beer with the seafood.
Alexandra Gorkhiyan.
Marketing and Sales.
An angel of marketing and sales. ROI in the last project was over 300%. Sales conversion record over 80%.

A book shopaholic, a master of positivity in all things. Chess player of the first order.